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How to be More Water Efficient With Your Shower

Tina Mills

With the warmer weather, we tend to use more water so it’s a good time to check whether you’re being as water efficient as possible in your home.

Your shower is a good place to start because 25 per cent of household water is used in the shower.

All showers sold in Australia must have a WELS rating and those rate 3 stars have a flow rate of between 6 to 9 litres per minute (compared to a standard shower which can use up to 25 litres per minute!). So switching to a water efficient showerhead can reduce your shower water use considerably! But this doesn’t mean the sensation of your shower should be compromised.

Nowadays, some shower brands put significant technology into their product to give you a more pleasurable experience, while still meeting water efficiency standards. Some of these technologies are based on mixing air with water, which gives the feeling of more volume to the water.

Check out the Hansgrohe AirPower technology and Grohe DreamSpray Technology® videos.Mira digital showers can also help you save water. As well as controlling the temperature of your shower so it’s consistent, you won’t waste water by adjusting and waiting for the water to be ‘just right’ for you.