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Luxury Bathroom Products & Renovations Perth

Need Some Help With Bathroom Design Basics?

Tina Mills

As with any area of the home, bathroom design is about the space being functional, practical and visually appealing for you.

So while it's great to start off by collecting images and articles of bathroom styles and products you love, don't feel like you have to follow every aspect of the design; put a bit of your own flair into it.

We have people coming into our showroom wanting to reproduce something they've seen on a home improvement TV show.  The reality may be that the style and functionality is not really going to suit them.

Another good approach is to take a look at your current bathroom and make a note of the things you want to improve, introduce or avoid.  This process will really help to set the foundation for your new dream bathroom.

And, if you’re renovating, measure your space and do a rough plan of your existing layout.  Even if you have an architect or designer, you should have a good idea of the space you’re working with and what will realistically fit into that space.

Finally, don't compromise on your bathroom products just because your builder or plumber says 'it can't be done'. Ask them why and, if you're really set on the idea/item, get a second opinion.  Often it is a 'no' because they may not know how to do it and/or are unfamiliar with the product.