How a Kitchen Renovation Could Sell Your Home

21 March 2017

When selling your home, one of the first rooms potential buyers will evaluate is the kitchen.

If your kitchen appears somewhat dated, or needs a fresh injection of design before going on the market, an upgrade is a worthwhile investment.

How extensive your renovation needs to be is up to you. A good rule of thumb is to view your kitchen through the eyes of a buyer; do they see a kitchen with the craftsmanship and visual allure to stand the test of time? Or a space filled with potential but in need of a facelift? Our Lavare showroom has a vast range of premium fixtures and products which our expert design team can advise you on.

Getting started

When it comes to modern kitchen design, replacing linoleum floors with timeless wooden flooring and updating old cupboards and draws to soft-close, handle-free designs will create a long lasting, stylish aesthetic. Consider using luxurious, sleek materials such as wood, marble or stainless steel.

How much you invest in your renovation depends on your overall space and desired aesthetic. It’s important to factor in your suburb and buyer demographic; your renovation should appeal to your ideal buyer.

Choosing a theme and colour scheme

One of the most enjoyable parts of your renovation journey is choosing a theme and colour palette.

While a flashy design may be tempting, subtlety is the key to a beautifully designed kitchen, as is functionality. Consider neutral colour schemes for an aesthetic that’ll stand the test of time, and ample cupboard and bench space to maximise your kitchen’s work area.

A sophisticated renovation should encompass space saving features, such as swing-out pantries and corner cupboard storage, while open spaces will allow new owners to insert their own personal touches. Caesarstone is a fantastic choice for bench tops – a luxury finish durable enough to withstand years of wear and tear.

When it comes to kitchen renovations in Perth, only the finest kitchen designers will do, so contact Lavare today.