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Claremont, WA, 6010

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Luxury Bathroom Products & Renovations Perth

Lavare Modern Kitchen Renovation Perth

Our Design and Renovation Service Includes
Giving Your Kitchen a Makeover

We believe good kitchen design is based on practicality,
visual appeal and a sense of balance within the home

Long gone are the days when the kitchen was solely for cooking and food preparation.
Today, it also needs to integrate areas for eating meals, working, studying and entertaining guests.

While it is an exciting prospect to have the dream kitchen you've always wanted,
with the ever-evolving range of materials, products and technologies available, it helps to have
a professional design and renovation team that can help make the most of the opportunity.

The layout and functionality of your kitchen determine how well the space works for you,
while the materials, appliances and colour scheme create the aesthetic style. While every layout
is different, here we offer a few tips for achieving your ideal design.

Contemporary designs for renovated kitchens are based on
a neutral colour palette with contrasting finishes

Lavare Contemporary Kitchen Design Perth

Smooth surfaces, geometric forms and minimal ornamentation
are evident in many modern kitchen designs

This focus on sleek materials creates a sense of sophistication and simplicity, 
which is a popular choice for contemporary Perth homes. 

To achieve this look, incorporate high gloss cabinetry for its ease of cleaning and ability to reflect light.
For your colour scheme, white, black and charcoal are fail-safe options, but
you can introduce a colour like deep red for dramatic effect.

For a warmer kitchen decor, use grey and earthy tones with textured or smooth timber grains.
In addition to beige, white, grey or brown, adding a touch of green (like sage, mint or pistachio)
will help to induce a sense of calmness and inspire culinary creativity.

From traditional to modern-day Hamptons,
classically-themed kitchens are all about detailing

Hamptons Style Kitchen Design

Classic kitchen decors are popular in older suburbs of Perth
where an ultra-modern design may clash with federation homes

However, you can introduce modern elements or features that will complement the look.

If you are staying true to a traditional style, detailing of door and drawer profiles, fittings and appliances
is a must, and a quality butler ceramic sink and traditional tapware will bring old-world charm as well as
practicality. Colour schemes are generally beige with timber cabinetry, but can also include mid-tone hues
of yellow, blue and green; and brass finishes will give an air of authenticity to tapware and other fittings.

For a Hamptons style kitchen, the primary colour is white, accented by soft tones of blue, green or grey.
To achieve the design successfully, you will want shaker cabinetry, a ceramic sink, and elegant door handles or knobs.
Unlike a more traditional design, brushed nickel, stainless steel and chrome fittings are preferred.

An industrial kitchen is for those who are serious
about cooking and entertaining, or want a low-maintenance design

Industrial Style Kitchen Design

The wonderful thing about industrial kitchens is that there is
greater freedom to mix and match materials

From recycled timber to white subway tiles, polished concrete to exposed bricks,
anything goes - allowing you to focus more on the functionality of your kitchen.

Drawing on elements from old industrial spaces, this style can also give your kitchen a restaurant
feel by incorporating stainless steel benchtops and open shelving to give easy access to crockery and
cooking implements. Ideally, you need space for an island bench and, if you have high ceilings, exposed
beams or panelling with metallic or black pendant lighting will enhance the overall effect.  

With appliances, there are no rules, but a freestanding stove/oven, stainless steel sink, and kitchen mixer
in colour finish such as brushed nickel, aged brass, copper or matt black, will get you started.

Whatever the style, choosing quality products and materials
will give substance and sustainability to your kitchen

Based in Claremont, our showroom is full of ideas and inspiration to help you choose colours, textures
and fittings. Our displays and product samples include quality brands such as
Caesarstone, Polytech, Blum, Villeroy & Boch, Gessi, Zip and more.