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14 Stirling Rd
Claremont, WA, 6010

(08) 9230 7950

Luxury Bathroom Products & Renovations Perth

Shower Baskets

Good quality baskets and shelves keep your showering products off the floor and help maximise storage in
small areas like bathrooms. We sell a range of brands, sizes and options for mounting aligned to the wall or in a corner.

Some of the baskets featured below have removable baskets making them easier to clean and clean around.

Removable Wire Basket - Shallow
260 x 125 x 30mm  |  19/AV151A

Removable Wire Basket - Deep
260 x 125 x 70mm  |  19/AV151B

Removable Deluxe Basket
210 x 120 x 40H mm  |  19/AV151C

Wire Soap Basket
130 x 100 x 40mm  |  19/A0450

Wire Soap Basket - Shallow
390 x 140x 70mm  |  19/A0453H

Wire Soap/Sponge Holder - Deep
290 x 140 x 90mm  |  19/AV051A

Removable Corner Basket - Shallow
200 x 200 x 30H mm  |  19/AV131A

Detachable Soap Basket
130 X 110 X 30H mm|  20/UDSB-S

Removable Corner Basket - Deep
200 x 200 x 80H mm  |  19/AV131B

Detachable Corner Basket
150 x 150 x 30H mm  |  20/UDCB-S

Detachable Soap Basket
260 X 120 X 80H mm  |  20/UDSB-L

Removable Deluxe Corner Basket
170 x 170 x 40H mm  |  19/AV131C

Detachable Corner Basket
190 x 190 x 80H mm  |  20/UDCB-L


Corner Glass Shelf
235 x 235 x 18H mm  |  20/UGSC-O