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14 Stirling Rd
Claremont, WA, 6010

(08) 9230 7950

Luxury Bathroom Products & Renovations Perth

Reflect Your Style with a Stunning Bathroom Mirror

Whether it is polished or a bevelled edge, rectangular or round, every bathroom needs a mirror.
We have a range of wide range of styles and sizes to suit all space requirements, including
models that are backlit and feature a magnifier and clock.
Here are just a few of what we have to offer.

Kudos LED Backlit Mirror
Various sizes

Eneo Backlit Mirror
750 x 700 mm  |  LED Backlit


City Bathroom Mirror
Several width + colour options
700mm Height | 32/CIM

Eneo LED Backlit Mirror + Magnifier
750/900/1200/1400W x 700H mm

Rifco Round Bathroom Mirror
450, 600, 900 mm  |  Full polished edge
32/MR4, 32/MR6 or 32/MR9


Cube T2 Bathroom Mirror
Several width + timber options
700mm Height | 32/CT

Kibo LED Backlit Mirror
900/1200W x 700H mm

Plaza Round Bathroom Mirror
850 mm  |  LED Backlit


Maui Bathroom Mirror
Several width + timber options
700mm Height | 32/MS