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14 Stirling Rd
Claremont, WA, 6010

(08) 9230 7950

Luxury Bathroom Products & Renovations Perth

Xylo Bathroom Accessories

If you want a more bold and robust accessories range, Xylo accessories may be just for you. The towel rails and toilet roll holders have a wider profile, while still retaining the style and sophistication of the Avenir brand. 

Brand: Avenir
Colour/Finish: Chrome and White
Material:  Chrome on brass
Manufactured in:  Australia


  • 10-year warranty
  • Double fixing system
  • Includes diamond drill bit, MDF drilling fixture
  • Optional fixing kits for glass, plasterboard and glue only

Xylo Accessories Brochure

Xylo Hand Towel Rail
230/350/450 x 75mm | 20/XYSTR

Xylo Hand Towel Holder Left/Right
310 x 80mm | 20/XYHTR

Xylo Hand Towel Rail - Straight
300mm | 20/XYHTR-HZ

Xylo Robe Hook
20 x 35 x 36mm | 20/XYRH

Xylo Shelf - Polished Solid Surface
300/450/600 x 120 | 20/XYSH

Xylo Soap Dish
110 x 90mm | 20/XYSD

Xylo Toilet Roll Holder Left/Right
130 x 75mm | 20/XYSTRH

Xylo Double T/Roll Holder Left/Right
240 x 80mm | 20/XYDTRH

Xylo Spare Toilet Roll Holder
30 x 80 x 310mm | 20/XYSPH

Xylo Towel Rail
650/900 x 75mm | 20/XYSTR

Xylo Double Towel Rail
650/900 x 140mm | 20/XYDTR