Luxury Bathroom Renovations

Luxury Bathrooms

When starting your renovation journey, it helps to think about the overall style you want to achieve and the way you want to feel when you are in the space.

Creating a luxury bathroom means you are willing to invest in quality, and desire a space that reflects your personality and is intuitive to your needs.

While it helps to have a larger area, you can still create luxury in a smaller bathroom.

Regardless of size, a luxury bathroom requires excellent interior design skills to ensure the space is used effectively and works well with the rest of the home. It also requires high quality fittings and fixtures, an eye for detail, and superior installation.

Take a look at some of our recent luxury bathroom projects.

Kaldewei Meisterstuck Emerso Bath

Luxury Bathroom Products

Luxury bathrooms are all about aesthetics and creature comforts that go above and beyond standard bathroom fixtures. They can be anything from a master ensuite created as a sanctuary for relaxation, to a main bathroom designed to impress. There are three main areas of focus for a luxury bathroom: bath, vanity and shower.

A freestanding bath is often the hero in a luxury design. Whether made from stone, steel or acrylic, size and placement are critical factors to consider. Some of our favourite luxury bath brands include Dado, Apaiser, Victoria + Albert and Kaldewei Meisterstuck. Our range of brands also include more compact freestanding baths for smaller bathrooms. If you are choosing an inset bath, add a hydrotherapy spa system for extra therapeutic and meditative benefits.

For showering, an open area with a single glass panel and twin shower set-up (an overhead combined with a rail shower) is practical, versatile, and gives instant holiday resort vibes. Quality brands will feature an inbuilt divertor, and a colour finish will add another dimension to the design.

With a luxury bathroom design, you should never run out of storage space. Bathroom vanities and cabinetry are generally customised to fit perfectly, and should have a quality hinge and runner systems, such as those from Blum. They can also include strip lighting, a laundry hamper and other practical solutions. If you need more storage, consider a mirror cabinet. But for impact, choose a statement mirror to complement your design, or one that is backlit.

Our other recommendations to achieve luxury are a Toto Washlet toilet, large format and/or feature tiles and a heated towel rail.

Explore our luxury bathroom products.

Why choose us?

Whether your inspiration is a holiday resort, five-star hotel or celebrity home, we are specialists in luxury bathroom renovations.

We have qualified interior designers who are passionate about bathroom renovations and have extensive experience in helping clients with selections for multi-million dollar homes.

Our expertise extends across a range of world-class brands that are the pinnacle of bathroom luxury, and these help us to create new spaces with beautifully designed products that have longevity.

With more than a 12 years’ industry experience at the same location, we have built a reputation as being experts in our field. Beyond our knowledge of product features and interior design, we understand the construction process and what needs to be considered along the way for the installation of quality products and materials.

Find out more about our philosophy on luxury design.

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What we offer

At Lavare, we offer an all-inclusive renovation service so that you have the peace-of-mind and convenience of dealing with one company – from the first home consultation to final handover.

Our interior design component includes help with product, material and colour selections, and preparation of professional drawings. We have a showroom to help you visualise and choose fittings and finishes, and we continually update our displays to show the latest bathroom trends and technologies.

When work begins onsite, the project management and site supervision of our renovations are handled by a registered builder with 30 years’ experience, and we use professional trades who understand the needs of our clients and the installation requirements of our products.

The premium level of our services and products make Lavare the perfect choice for your next luxury bathroom project.

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