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Small Bathroom Design

Many people describe their bathroom as ‘small’ or ‘narrow’, even though there is probably quite a bit of variation between all these bathrooms. While we would consider anything up to six square meters to be average, a small bathroom could be up to eight square meters depending on what fixtures are in the room and its layout.

Whatever the actual dimensions, a small bathroom renovation is an opportunity to gain more usable space, whether that means removing a bath, updating fixtures, or re-positioning a wall or door.

While main bathrooms generally have a bath, in many cases they are not used. Unless you have small children or regularly indulge in a relaxing soak, baths can be a waste of space. Nowadays, people will do away with a bath and use the space for a more generous shower recess or larger vanity. Another option is to install a compact freestanding bath from Dado or Victoria + Albert as these eliminate the need for a bath frame and hob.

In terms of bathroom fixtures, it can be more cost effective to replace like-for-like, but it may put limitations on the bathroom design in terms of style and functionality. For example, updating to a wall-mounted vanity means gaining more floor space and giving the impression of more room. Plus, if you can put your basin tapware on the wall, this will give more benchtop space and can reduce the vanity depth so the room feels larger.

Transform your small bathroom.

Lavare Small Bathroom Renovation

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Small Ensuite Designs

For very small bathrooms, like an ensuite, completely doing away with a vanity and instead opting for a wall-hung basin and mirror cabinet is worth considering as it will open up the space – but you need to weigh this up against the storage requirements. Even if you keep a vanity, a mirror cabinet is almost a necessity for any small bathroom design.

However, there is only so much you can do within a confined space. If you really feel that you need a larger room, and it is structurally possible and within budget, moving a wall to expand into another room is the solution. This will give you more freedom with design but, most importantly, should be considered in terms of the benefits you will gain in comfort, practicality and adding value to your home.

Whatever the scale of your project, every small bathroom remodel will benefit from strategically positioned robe hooks and other wall-mounted accessories, vertically mounted heated towel rails and, if your toilet is on an external wall, a concealed cistern.

Why choose us?

You may be considering a small bathroom renovation because of changing family dynamics, old or faulty fixtures, or to improve the value of your home.

Whatever your motivation, we have qualified interior designers who are passionate about bathroom renovations and have extensive experience in helping clients with selections for small and large spaces.

Our expertise extends across a range of world-class brands that are renowned for quality and value for money, and these help us create new spaces with well designed products that have longevity.

With more than a 12 years’ industry experience at the same location, we have built a reputation as being experts in our field. Beyond our knowledge of products and interior design, we understand the construction process and what needs to be considered along the way for the installation of quality products and materials.

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What we offer

At Lavare, we offer an all-inclusive renovation service so that you have the peace-of-mind and convenience of dealing with one company – from the first home consultation to final handover.

Our interior design component includes help with product, material and colour selections, and preparation of professional drawings. We have a showroom to help you visualise and choose fittings and finishes, and we continually update our displays to show the latest bathroom trends and technologies.

When work begins onsite, the project management and site supervision of our renovations are handled by a registered builder with 30 years’ experience, and we use professional trades who understand the needs of our clients and the installation requirements of our products.

The premium level of our services and products make Lavare the perfect choice for your next luxury bathroom project.

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