What is a Toto Washlet and How Do They Work?

24 May 2017

In Australia, bidets are not the norm but that is starting to change.

Bidets have been in Europe for decades and are traditionally a shallow, open pan positioned next to the toilet. For washing, they require a tap set or bidet mixer to be mounted at the back of the pan.

The Toto Washlet is a much more sophisticated version of this concept.

What is a Washlet?

Washlets are probably the most well-known and advanced electric toilet seat in the world. They are made by Japanese company Toto and the term ‘Washlet’ is a registered trademark of Toto. While fairly standard in Japan, Washlets have become increasingly popular throughout the world.

There are several Washlet models available in Australia and their features vary accordingly. At their most basic, they have a nozzle (or wand) located at the back, underside of the seat. The wand is concealed behind a small flap. When required, the user activates it via a remote control or panel that is attached to the side of the seat.

What are the features of a Washlet seat?

There are usually three or four water spray patterns for cleansing depending on the model. The control panel is either at the side of the seat or can be wall-mounted separately, again depending on the model.

Other features include: air dryer, seat warmer, control for the water pressure and temperature, and self-cleaning nozzle. More advanced Washlets also offer an automated lid, electrolysed antibacterial water, a light function and personalised settings.

What are the features of a Toto toilet pan?

Toto toilets extend beyond the Washlet. Some of the pans have a rimless design and a Tornado flush system (three high-pressure water jets that generate a vortex of water). Very impressive.

As a highly advanced system for hygiene and comfort, it’s no surprise that the Toto Washlets are sometimes called ‘super toilets’.

At Lavare, we showcase several models and have a working system in our powder room, so you don’t have to travel far to try one out.