Bathroom Design Trends for 2020

20 January 2020

Welcome to a New Decade of Sustainability

Our forecast for bathroom trends in 2020 is based on sustainability and the evolving nature of our homes as spaces where we not only seek comfort and tranquility, but that also accommodate changing work and family dynamics, as well as show a splash of individuality.

Today, sustainability is a key factor when considering how you build or renovate your home. While we have always taken a balanced approach to what’s in vogue when it comes to bathroom design, the trend for 2020 and beyond will be to incorporate ways to minimise waste, save water and energy, and use natural materials — while still achieving your dream bathroom.

So revive the bathroom renovation you have been putting off, and create your own sanctuary to calm the mind and soothe the soul. And remember that focussing on features that stand the test of time does not mean compromising on style and having some fun with colour and textures.

Technology Will Enhance the Bathroom Experience

Toto Neorest Washlet Toilet 1

In order to develop bathroom products that are ecological and work better for us, we need technology. We have already benefitted from high quality brands that not only provide more convenience and functionality when we use the bathroom, but also save water and energy. Brands such as TOTO, Hansgrohe and Villeroy and Boch have long been world leaders in taking bathroom fixtures to another level through superior design and manufacturing. They, and other premium brands, will continue to set the benchmark.

Beyond taking a sustainable approach to manufacturing, here are our top three products that help improve bathroom functionality:

  • Toilet seat bidets
  • Thermostatic shower mixers
  • Multi-functional LED mirrors

TOTO Toilets and Washlet Bidet Seats

Whether it is a TOTO Washlet or Duravit’s Sensowash shower-toilet, bidet toilet seats are fast becoming a must-have in Australia, just as they are in Japan where more than 80 per cent of Japanese households have one installed. Both work on the same principal of having a nozzle (at the rear of the seat) that dispenses water when required, thus providing a more hygienic experience, saving water and reducing the need for toilet paper. Some models also feature automatic opening, night light, dryer, seat warmer, remote control and pre-mist spray to reduce the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. The TOTO Neorest (above) is a one-piece unit that integrates the toilet pan, cistern and Washlet seat.

Read our blog on how Washlets work

Thermostatic Shower Mixers

Hansgrohe Select E Thermostatic Shower Mixer Lifestyle

Another product that saves water while providing a more luxurious experience are thermostatic shower mixers.

If you have ever had your lovely warm shower interrupted by a sudden change to hot or cold because someone else is using water in the house, this is the solution. They are widely used in Europe and are now becoming more readily available in Australia with German manufacturer Hansgrohe leading the way.

Thermostatic shower mixers are designed to maintain a constant temperature for the duration of your shower. They work by mixing hot and cold water to the temperature you have pre-set, and adjusting it accordingly if there are any sudden changes to water pressure or temperature. This not only means they save water by reducing the waiting time for the hot water to flow through, but they are a great safety feature.


LED Mirrors

A beautiful mirror can enhance the design of any bathroom and can be relatively quick and easy to install. Depending on your décor, changing from square to round, going for a bevelled edge or installing a mirror cabinet can make an instant impact (visual and practical).

But if you need more light in your bathroom, and perhaps a bit of ‘wow’ factor, an LED backlit mirror may be the answer. There are several styles to choose from that use LED technology to ensure a long life and some models feature a demister, integrated magnifying mirror and digital clock, all operated via a touch switch.

Other high tech products include mirror cabinets and baths with blu tooth technology, and heated towel rails that are operated via a WiFi touch timer connected to an app.

Open Plan Bathrooms Will Give More
Space and Light

Apaiser Oman Freestanding Bath

As people look to create more luxurious spaces, interior designers and home-owners continue to challenge the concept of ‘what makes a bathroom’ and push the conventional idea of how it is configured and integrates with the rest of the home.

Australian company Apaiser not only bring texture, colour and comfort to their freestanding stone baths, but also an artistic flair that results in unique sculptural shapes. It is no wonder they question the conventional idea of hiding a beautiful freestanding bath behind closed doors (read their article for more). But if putting your beautiful freestanding bath in a courtyard or attic is not possible, an open ensuite may just be the answer.

While having an open ensuite is not new, further ways to extend and transfer this concept within and beyond the master bedroom are a trend that will continue. In line with the desire to create spaces within our home that are multifunctional and seamless, bathroom planning will be broadened to accommodate our lifestyles.

Main bathrooms will ‘open up’ by embracing the use of open shower recesses, switchable glass panels, skylights, recessed mirror cabinets, open shelving, and push-to-open cabinetry. Biophilic design will also come into play with plants being integrated into bathrooms not only for colour and style, but also their positive effect on air quality and mental health.

Our Subiaco renovation project showcases how some of these elements can be used.

Colour Palettes Inspired by Nature

When choosing their colour of the year, most interior designers and colour experts have gone either for bold nature-inspired tones or pastels with warm undertones. Their rationale was to either favour hues that promote happiness and relaxation, revert to nature for inspiration, and/or challenge us to infuse more colour into design.

The four distinct palettes from Dulux are in line with this theme, with warm whites and neutrals complemented by opulent reds, browns, deep plum and yellows. Pantone’s more bold choice of Classic Blue evokes a sense of relaxation, serenity and reliability, so is perfect for a bathroom. Plus, there is still a lot of enthusiasm for nature inspired greens such as hunter, mint and sage.

We are seeing a resurgence of coloured basins and toilets with several brands introducing stylish ranges in on-trend colours, including the new Pura Colour Elements range from Astra Walker and steel basins from Kaldewei and Bette.

 (Note: most colour sanitaryware will need to be shipped from from Europe, so check availability early in your project).

When considering colour schemes for your bathroom, bicoloured combinations can also look amazing and create contrast, interest and variety. For example, matching a Pura basin in agave with ice grey tapware as pictured.

With the environment underpinning our trends, it makes sense that timber furniture and cabinetry will continue to feature in bathroom design for some time to come, and the application of biophilic design will increase — plants being integrated into bathrooms not only add colour and style, but have a positive effect on air quality and mental health.


Bathroom Renovations will
Radiate Individuality

Consistent with emerging environmental trends evident through colour palettes and eco-friendly sanitaryware, we are also seeing this translated in choices for bathroom fixtures and finishes.

Stone Baths and Basins

Freestanding baths and countertop basins with organic shapes, an artisanal feel, and made from stone composite will help create a feeling of ‘Zen’ in your space.  Dado baths and basins come in a range of contemporary and classic styles, and Apaiser have a comprehensive range of scultrual styles in ApaiserMarble colour options.

Tapware Colour Finishes

Brodware Nanobar Wall Set Brass1.9205.00.3.03_02

With streamlined spaces and simple lines firmly entrenched in modern bathroom design, tapware has been nudging its way to the fore as the on-trend hero fixture. In particular, wall-mounted tapware in a statement colour finish will elevate the look and feel of your design. Brass, gold, organic and brushed finishes are all popular and, by applying them to contemporary ranges such as Nanobar (pictured) or Assemble, you can connect different design elements to create your own unique style.

Bathroom Vanities

Vanity design is becoming more customised with a trend towards a ‘feature vanity’ that doubles as a piece of furniture, and some renovators giving an old sideboard a new lease on life by converting it to accommodate a stone countertop basin. With the environment underpinning our trends, it makes sense that timber furniture and cabinetry will continue to feature in bathroom design for some time to come,


The trend for tiles includes geometric shapes (such as hexagonal), Moroccan, sculptured, matt colours and large format. It is another area where you can show creative flair by juxtaposing different tiles patterns, layouts and colours.

Terrazzo, a durable material comprised of natural stones, cement and marble, was big in 2019 and this looks set to continue but it may be wise to go for smaller terrazzo fragments in muted tones to give longevity to your bathroom design. When opting for a classic subway tile (still as popular as ever), give them a modern twist with a different size or layout and an on-trend colour.

Lavare Ensuite Renovation Subiaco 09

Whatever bathroom design trends you choose to incorporate into your new space, visit our showroom to discuss your renovation or for help with product selections.

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